Our PhilosophyPage subtitle

BERZERK interactive’s standpoints, practices and methods are based on modern at the High tech International level, and that has changed exponentially the last two years. BERZERK frequently attends and presents the top international and New Zealand interactive conferences like SXSW interactive, Webstock, DevMob, NetHui and “An Event Apart” several times a year. In the next two to three years mobile device traffic will exceed desktop traffic to websites. Currently in NZ most sites mobile traffic is at 15-25% already. The best way for design, development, and search engines is in unified “responsive website layouts”. Separate mobile sites can be implemented along side tho if desired.

On Design and Project Management

Ideally at BERZERK we do all the design, development and project management of projects we do. This ensures better quality, clear communication and on time delivery to clients.  We will ensure it uses your branding guidelines also.